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Mount Gay Cleans Coral Harbour Beach for World Oceans Day

Celebrating the ocean and the significant role it plays in everyday life, the Mount Gay brand held a beach cleanup on Saturday, June 10th in honour of World Oceans Day, where bags of trash were removed from Coral Harbour beach.

The initiative was in keeping with Mount Gay’s commitment to the environment, in particular the ocean, according to Brand Manager Angela Moss, who called the event a success where Bahamians came together to clean and preserve.

“The Brand, Mount Gay, has made an oath to protect the earth’s natural resources and World Oceans Day is near and dear to the brand because of its commitment to keeping the waters surrounding our islands clean and plastic free,” Moss said. “On a global scale, Mount Gay has partnered with the 4ocean organization and have removed over 60,000lbs of plastic from the ocean to date.”

World Oceans Day was celebrated on June 8th, under the theme ‘Planet Ocean: Tides are Changing.’ Activities and community service initiatives were held all over the world as organizations sought to do their part to preserve and protect the ocean and shores.

Fifteen volunteers showed up to Coral Harbour Beach for the cleanup that saw them don gloves and Mount Gay paraphernalia as they filled trash bags, leaving the beach clean and pristine.

Moss added, “We decided to organize a beach clean-up in honour of World Oceans Day to reinforce Mount Gays commitment to sustainable practices and protecting our oceans. The ocean is what ties our relationship to the sailing community, and it is our duty as distributors to set the benchmark for change across our industry. This is what makes us more than a rum.”

The ocean covers 70 percent of the planet and provides 80 percent of the world’s biodiversity.

In The Bahamas, the ocean plays a major role in the livelihood of Bahamians.

Mount Gay continues to see the importance in preserving The Bahamas’ natural environment for many more generations to come.

Moss said the company’s passion for this commitment will see more initiatives aimed at sustainability and the overall well-being of the environment.